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One of our missions is to share storys and prints representing the dropzone lifestyle. We know there are a galaxy full of storys. And really good ones. This is a way to collect all the goods.
The story you write here may be an essential part of future Raven design. Hopefully we want to use it and make a graphic design out of it. We will of course contact you if so. 
What´s that one  story you tell at parties, or for rookies? It could be any stuff like "the time crazy-Mike pooped in a saucepan", "the time I landed in the flag pole", my wake-up-call ...

It can be deep. Or just funny. Or what ever. Anything coming from the lifestyle of skydiving, base jumping or windtunnel.
Fill out the form and magic might happen.

Your text do not need to be perfect in any way - just let the essence of it get threw. So if you are a shitty writer, than you might be a sky god instead. If the story will come to life on our products, we´ll make it look like a rainbow and run it down the river of corrected grammar and sentence structure. So dont worry about that.

Or if you prefer, just write that we should call you up and lets take it on the phone instead. That´s fine too.

And just to be clear; we want the real deal. No made up shit. The real life shit. 

Is it okay for us to use your story for future prints done by Raven. Of course, we´ll contact you for further information and approval if we come to that point.
Is it okay for us to publish your story (your exact words) here on the website?


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